Library Regulation

Library Regulations

It is the aim of these regulations to help all those who use the Library to obtain maximum benefit from it.

  • No book or other item may be removed from the Library. Library staff have the authority to examine anything being taken through the Library exit to satisfy themselves that this rule is being observed.
  • No book or other item of Library property shall be damaged in any way. In the event of damage to Library property the user may be required to pay for its replacement.
  • The Library is a quiet place for private study. Library users must not engage in behavior which may interfere with proper library use by others.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking (other than use of the water fountain) is not permitted.

Infringement of the rules

  • In the event of infringement of these rules the library staff can require the individual to leave the library.


  • Admittance to the Library is dependent on compliance with these regulations. The Library is open to all.