FAQ – Public Knowledge Library

FAQ – Public Knowledge Library
Q.1: Can you introduce the Library briefly?
Public Knowledge Library  was established  in  13th  of November 1990 by directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and it seeks to the dissemination of knowledge and culture in the Omani society. The number of books that the library contains currently more than 25000 books in both Arabic and English. In addition, the library has  subscribed in a number of magazines and scientific journals as well as to many of electronic databases.

Q. 2: What are the library working hours?

Library Opening Times
Sunday - Thursday 08:00 - 14:00 16:00 – 21:00
Friday & Saturday The Library is closed

Library Opening Times in wholly Ramadan
Sunday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday & Saturday The Library is closed
Q.3: Do I need to use the library membership?
No you do not need.
Q.4: What is the target audience of the library services?
The library targeting  the general public of students, researchers and scholars by providing valuable collections of multiple sources of information in both Arabic and English.

Q.5: What are the library services provided to the users?
The library offers a range of quality services including:
- Reference service.
- Indexing service.
- Internet services and electronic sources.
- Imaging Services.
- Training services.

Q.6: How do I search for a book or topic?
You can search through the library Web site or automated index, which allows you to two types of search: simple and advanced. A range of options will be given to you such as searching by title or subject or the name of the author and other options, and from your results, you have to  take the classification number of the book and then go to the shelves to collect it.  You can request assistance from the library staff any time in case you found difficulties to do so.  You can also use the library electronic databases for various sources of information may  that not be available in books or magazines on the shelves.

Q.7: Is the library subscribes to electronic databases? Is it available for use outside the library building?
Yes, the library has subscribed in a range of electronic databases in both Arabic and English in order to help users of the library to provide reliable sources of information and adequate, as it can use these databases from outside the library after registration by fill in the form prepared for this in the library`s Web site.

Q.8: Does the library provide Internet access? What types?
Yes available for free of charges and there are two types of Internet services:

1-  Internet Wired: this service requires user to bring his/her identity card to be registered and assigned its own number to open the service, and can use library computers from anywhere in the library.
2- Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi): It is designed to the users  who wish to use their own devices of any anywhere in library.

Q.10: Where can I find General Books, Reference, Children`s library, e-library, Omanis Collection books?

Resources Floor
General Books The first floor
Omanis Collection books The first floor
References The ground floor
Children`s library The ground floor
E-library The first floor and ground

Q 10: What types of communication with the library?

Library Contacts
Phone (968+) 24673111
Library website
P.O.Box 459
Postal Code 116 - Mina Al-Fahal
Facebook مكتبة المعرفة العامة
Twitter Knowledge Library

Q11: Does the library offer introductory tours and training courses?
The Public Knowledge Library providing Introductory tours for visitors, especially school and university students. All you need to contact the library and book an appointment, so identified with the date and the number of visitors. The  Library programs, a training for graduate students and professionals will requires writing a letter for the management of the library. The  library also offers many of training courses which are advertised in daily newspapers, Facebook, Twitter and the website.

Q 12: What are the regulations and policies of the library?
These regulations are designed to allow optimum use of the library for all users, these regulations are as follows:

1-    No book or other item may be removed from the Library.  Library staff have the authority to examine anything being taken through the Library exit to satisfy themselves that this rule is being observed.
2-    No book or other item of Library property shall be damaged in any way.  In the event of damage to Library property the user may be required to pay for its replacement.
3-    The Library is a quiet place for private study.  Library users must not engage in behavior which may interfere with proper library use by others.
4-    Smoking, eating and drinking (other than use of the water fountain) is not permitted.
5-    In the event of infringement of these rules the library staff can require the individual to leave the library.