Rules of thumb for chemical engineers

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Title: Rules of thumb for chemical engineers
Author: Hall, Stephen
ISBN: 9780123877857
Classification number: 660 HAL
Edition: 5th ed
Publication: Amsterdam: elsevier inc , 2012
Number of Pages: 441

Fluid flow؛ heat exchangers؛ fractionators؛ absorbers؛ pumps؛ fans blowers and compressors؛ drivers؛ vessels؛ boilers؛ cooling towers؛ refrigeration؛ closed loop heat transfer systems؛ biopharmaceutical systems؛ vacuum systems؛ pneumatic conveying؛ blending and agitation؛ process evaluation؛ reliability؛ metallurgy؛ safety؛ controls؛ troubles hooting؛ energy conservation؛ process modeling؛ conversion factors and constants؛ properties