Conceptual physics

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Title:  Conceptual physics
Author: paul G. Hewitt
ISBN: 9781292020983
Classification number: 530 HEW
Edition: 11 th ed
Publication: England, Harlow : Pearson  Education Limited , 2014
Number of Pages: 848

Newton’s First Law of Motion: Inertia؛ Linear Motion؛ Newton’s Second Law of Motion: Force and Acceleration؛ Newton’s Third Law of Motion: Action and Reaction؛ Momentum؛ Energy؛ Rotational Motion؛ Gravity؛ Projectile and Satellite Motion؛ Atomic Nature of Matter؛ Solids؛ Liquids؛ Gases and Plasmas؛ Temperature, Heat and Expansion؛ Heat Transfer؛ Change of Phase؛ Thermodynamics؛ Vibrations and Waves؛ Sound؛ Musical Sounds؛ Electrostatics؛ Electric Current؛ Magnetism؛ Electromagnetic Induction؛ Properties of Light؛. Color؛ Reflection and Refraction؛ Light Waves؛ Light Emission؛ Light Quanta؛ The Atom and the Quantum؛ Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity؛ Nuclear Fission and Fusion؛ Special Theory of Relativity؛ General Theory of Relativity.